Action at School

Improving transport use

Sacred Heart College, WA

What did they do?

Sacred Heart College is in Perth, WA, and has 990 students from years 8-12. In 2000 the year nine students reduced their car trips to and from school by 28% in one week!

How did they do it?

The Student Representative Council organised a travel focus week for year nine students at the school. To encourage students to use buses, bikes or walking they ran a bike maintenance workshop and a walkathon. During the focus week the number of car trips to and from school were reduced by 28%. After the focus week the number of car trips remained 10% lower than before the program. This improved road safety around the school, reduced traffic congestion and improved the health and fitness of students who decided to walk or cycle. For their efforts the school received a $500 prize from the WA government TravelSmart program.

Thanks to Sacred Heart College, WA


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